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Kurskenergo’s specialists teach students to save energy


Specialists of the branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo” held a thematic lesson on the basics of rational use of energy resources within the framework of the All-Russian Festival of Energy Saving #TogetherBrighter. The event was held at the Museum of the History of Energy of the Kursk Region, 20 2nd year students of the Kursk Electromechanical College (KEMT) took part in it.

The power engineers introduced the KEMT students to the concepts of “energy saving” and “energy efficiency”, told them what natural resources are used to produce electric energy, why it is so important to treat energy resources economically. The students learned about various energy-saving lamps, got acquainted with their differences from ordinary incandescent lamps. The branch’s specialists told them how to use household appliances such as a refrigerator, TV, iron, electric kettle rationally and at the lowest cost.

“Our task, as specialists, is to teach children and adolescents simple rules that will be useful to them now and in the future. It depends on our work how competent and economical consumers the children will become in adulthood,” said Alexander Pozdnyakov, the head of the department for energy conservation and energy efficiency of Kurskenergo.

Kurskenergo pays great attention to the issue of promoting energy conservation among children and adolescents. The branch’s specialists regularly conduct lectures and energy-saving lessons in schools in Kursk and the Kursk region.

In total, since the beginning of the year, the energy specialists have conducted 72 thematic classes in educational institutions of the region. More than 20 lessons are planned before the end of this year.

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