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Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo continues to modernize street lighting systems in the region


This year, modern street lighting systems with automatic control will appear in 29 settlements of the Lipetsk region.

In ten districts, Lipetskenergo’s specialists are currently working on modernization of street lighting. Under the terms of contracts, 78 kilometres of self-insulated wire, 1,335 LED lighting fixtures and 102 outdoor lighting control cabinets will be installed.

So, for example, in the village of Ratchino of Dobrovsky district, lighting appeared immediately on eight streets. In total, 87 fixtures were installed here. They are designed for 100 thousand hours of continuous operation. For comparison, gas-filled lamps work up to 25 thousand hours. In addition, the energy consumption of modern lamps is 70% lower than their predecessors. The modernized outdoor lighting system in Ratchino, as in other localities, is controlled by modern automation. Lamps turn on and off automatically - according to a schedule or depending on the level of illumination.

“The branch of Lipetskenergo, together with the administration of the region, has been systematically engaged for the third year in the modernization of outdoor lighting systems in cities and villages of the Lipetsk region. First, we conducted an audit of the old equipment, calculated the amount of necessary work. And now for the second year we have been modernizing. In addition to the high-quality execution of the work, we are ready to service the installed systems, maintaining all equipment in good condition,” said Sergey Bukarev, the head of the customer relations department of the branch “Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo”.

To date, the work on the modernization of street lighting systems has been fully completed in 12 settlements. By the end of the year, Lipetskenergo is committed to fulfilling all its obligations.

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