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Smolenskenergo provides grid connection of new agricultural facilities in the Smolensk region


The branch “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” summed up the results of connection to the branch’s grids of the agro-industrial complex for 9 months of 2019. Implementation of projects to supply electricity and provide additional capacities to enterprises and facilities of the agro-industrial complex is carried out by the energy company within the framework of the agreement signed in September 2014 between Smolenskenergo and the Administration of the Smolensk region. The subject of the agreement is joint efforts and cooperation of the parties to support agricultural enterprises.

In September 2019, the branch “Rosseti Centre Smolenskenergo” completed work on the grid connection of electrical equipment and lighting of a feed mill of Slavyanskiy Product LLC in the village of Denisovo of Pochinkovsky district in the Smolensk region. Under the grid connection agreement, the branch’s specialists constructed 100 m of a 10 kV overhead line, installed current transformers and line disconnectors, and reconstructed a pole using their own resources without involving contractors. The maximum power of the connected facility was 500 kV.

Earlier this year, a line for production of feed (120 kW) and a feed mill (150 kW) in Safonovsky district were connected to the electric grids of Smolenskenergo, and electrical equipment and lighting networks of a facility for receiving and processing grain of CJSC Troparevo (“Troparevo -Sychevka”) in Sychevsky district were also connected to the grid. It is currently the largest facility connected to the branch’s grids in 2019 (maximum power - 1,050 kW).

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