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Lipetskenergo took part in large-scale exercises


Power engineers are preparing to ensure uninterrupted power supply to enterprises and residential buildings in the Lipetsk region in the autumn-winter period.

The branch “Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo” took part in the All-Russian Civil Defense Training, which has traditionally been held for several years on the eve of the Civil Defense Day of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. It lasted two days. On the first day, the power engineers took part in a review of civil defense forces and means on the embankment in the regional centre. At the disposal of Lipetskenergo there are all necessary specialized vehicles for rapid response and elimination of consequences of emergency situations of a natural and technogenic nature. At the review, the branch was presented by an on-site crew with a specially equipped gas vehicle with a generator trailer, a heating system, convenient compartments for the life of the personnel and the transportation of necessary equipment and materials. Among the advantages of the presented equipment there is the presence of the GLONASS navigation system, which ensures the optimization of transport logistics. In all Distribution Zones of the enterprise, a review of elements of civil defense forces and means was also held.

At the second stage of the exercises, Lipetskenergo’s specialists worked out practical skills to deal with consequences of emergency situations and fires. In accordance with the introductory data obtained, the power engineers conditionally restored power supply disrupted as a result of freezing rain, and also took part in comprehensive trainings to eliminate consequences of fires.

The All-Russian Civil Defense Training is carried out in accordance with the order of the Government of the Russian Federation. It involves authorities at various levels, rescue services and organizations. The purpose of the exercises is to develop management organization issues, to check the readiness of management bodies and forces of the unified state system for preventing and eliminating emergency situations and civil defense at all levels for practical actions to carry out measures to eliminate emergency situations of a natural and technogenic nature.

“During the special exercises, all the participants demonstrated well-coordinated joint work. Lipetskenergo’s personnel acted clearly, competently, carrying out all the measures provided for in an emergency. According to the results of the headquarters’ training, we can conclude that the power engineers are ready to quickly deal with the consequences of emergencies, which is especially important when the autumn-winter period sets in,” concluded Andrey Arapov, the head of the Grid Control Centre at the branch “Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo”.

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