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An innovation of Belgorodenergo’s engineers entered the register of Rosseti Centre


The innovation “Implementation of the display functions of all types of lighting fixtures in the GIS system. Integration of GIS and “Helios” Automated Outdoor Lighting Control System”, developed by Belgorod power engineers, is included in the register of innovation proposals of Rosseti Centre and Rosseti Centre and Volga Region.

The engineers at Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo Dmitry Koshkarov, Dmitry Sokolov and Roman Dubovik came up with a proposal to integrate the GIS system with the automated outdoor lighting control system operating in the branch. As part of a pilot project, they combined a database of all outdoor lighting fixtures in the region with a geographic information system, dividing the fixtures by type and visualizing the location of each on a map. As a result, it became possible to analyze the operation of outdoor lighting networks in the region in terms of the presence of unlit zones, places of installation of certain types of lamps, to assist in planning work on replacement of lighting fixtures and reconstruction of outdoor lighting networks.

At the moment, information on 202,300 lighting fixtures has been entered into the system, which makes up 97% of the total amount on the balance of Belgorodenergo. All of them are differentiated by type, power of lamps, type of poles and control cabinets for outdoor lighting in relation to the terrain and the operating Distribution Zone.

The innovation of Belgorod power engineers allows to see on the map the topology of outdoor lighting networks, including lines with faulty lamps, and in the case of using an individual control system for lighting devices, a specific pole and the lamp itself, its type and lamp power. This significantly reduces the time for maintenance and, as a result, decreases the number of complaints of the population about problems in the work of outdoor lighting.

“Outdoor lighting is an important component of our company. To increase the efficiency of the grid management process, to prevent complaints of faulty lamps, we proposed a solution to automate the street lighting process using such systems as SAP R/3, Helios and GIS,” Dmitry Koshkarov, an engineer of category 1 of the asset data management department, explained. “This tool will increase the efficiency of work of outdoor lighting crews and, as a result, reduce the number of calls from the public.”

For reference:
Currently, Belgorodenergo services over 206 thousand lighting fixtures. 65% of them are controlled by an automated outdoor lighting control system. The power engineers ensure the current operation of the outdoor lighting networks on the basis of contracts concluded with the regional municipalities.

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