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For the upcoming heating period Belgorodenergo repaired more than 1,000 km of power lines


In the first half of the year, in preparation for the heating period of 2019-2020, the branch “Rosseti Centre Belgorodenergo” repaired 1,150.856 km of 0.4-110 kV overhead and cable power lines, 373 0.4/6-10 kV transformer substations. 303.270 hectares of routes of power lines were cleared and expanded from trees and shrubs.

Repair of equipment was completed at 87 large supply centres, including the 110 kV “Krasnogvardeiskoye” substation, which provides power to Biryuch and parts of Krasnogvardeisky district and the 35 kV “Bely Plyos” substation, which supplies several villages and agricultural enterprises in Veydelevsky district. The power engineers performed current repairs of power transformers, overhauled bays, switches and disconnectors.

At the substations “Aleksandrovka” (Prokhorovsky district), “Yablonovo” (Korochansky district), “Kurasovka”, “Novenkoye” (Ivnyansky district), “Zapadnaya”, “V. Dubrava” (Gubkinsky district), “Prilepy” (Chernyansky district) ), “S-z Urazovsky” (Valuysky district), “Svistovka” (Krasnensky district) under the failure reduction program the power engineers replaced a total of more than 300 obsolete porcelain supporting-rod insulators with modern polymer ones that are more reliable in operation, easier to maintain and possess high anticorrosive properties.

Work continues on the 110 kV substations “Stary Oskol-1”, “Grayvoron”, “Yuzhnaya” in Belgorod. The reliability of power supply to a significant part of the urban population of the region, as well as industrial and socially significant facilities, depends on the uninterrupted operation of these feeding centres.

Long sections of 35-110 kV power transmission lines were overhauled in Belgorodsky, Starooskolsky, Gubkinsky, Novooskolsky and Valuysky districts. On the lines “Novy Oskol - Serebryanka”, “Konshino - Golofeevka”, “Frunzenskaya - Mayskaya”, “Irrigation - Urazovo with a tap to s/z Urazovo” wires and defective insulators were replaced, dimensions were measured to buildings and structures, their routes were cleared.

This year, Belgorodenergo allocated 332 million rubles to implement the repair program. In total, there are plans to repair 2,209 km of 0.4-110 kV power lines, 728 transformer substations and distribution centres of 6-10 kV, to clear 439 hectares from trees and shrubs. About 75% of the volume of the program is planned to be implemented by own forces, without involving contractors. In particular, 100% of the lines and transformer substations of 0.4-10 kV will be repaired by Belgorodenergo’s personnel. The implementation of all planned measures will ensure the quality and reliability of power supply to consumers in the upcoming heating period.

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