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For seven months of 2019 Bryanskenergo recovered 2.63 million rubles from debtors for electricity transmission services


The branch “Rosseti Centre Bryanskenergo” systematically works to reduce receivables for electricity transmission services. One of the most effective measures in this direction is the claim-related activity.

For seven months of 2019, Bryanskenergo recovered 2.63 million rubles from debtors by court decisions that entered into legal force. In addition, there are 25 lawsuits in the courts on collecting debts and penalties for a total amount of 10.76 million rubles, filed by specialists of the legal support department of the branch.

Bryanskenergo reminds that non-fulfillment by debtors of obligations to pay for electricity consumed jeopardizes the reliability of electricity supply to consumers in the Bryansk region, since the funds received by the enterprise for the provision of electricity transmission services are used, among other things, for production programs. Bryanskenergo will continue to collect accounts receivable using all mechanisms provided for by applicable law.

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