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Tver branch of Rosseti Centre to hold large-scale exercises to combat losses in electric grids


In August 2019, exercises of the branch “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo” began in the Tver region to combat commercial losses of electricity.

Within three months, work will be carried out in all districts of the Tver region that will significantly reduce energy losses, identify facts of illegal resource consumption by third parties, reduce the cost of paying for stolen kilowatt hours, and ultimately increase the reliability of Tverenergo’s electric grid complex and improve the quality of service for consumers in the region.

“Ensuring the stable operation of the energy sector of the Upper Volga Region as a whole, improving the quality of services in the housing and communal services are important areas of work for the regional Government,” notes Governor of the Tver region Igor Rudenya. On behalf of Igor Rudenya, the region is consolidating utility assets to ensure stable operation of housing and communal service enterprises, their modernization, and streamlining of settlements with resource-supplying organizations.

As part of the exercises, until 31 October, in all districts of the region, the power engineers will comprehensively examine about 130 overhead lines of 6/10 kV. The branch’s specialists will carry out large-scale raid work, which includes checking consumers disconnected at the request of the energy sales company for unauthorized connection, instrumental examination of electricity metering sets, and mass meter reading.

The work will be carried out in collaboration with administrations of municipalities, while it is worth noting that the verification will be carried out for each consumer.

Also, as part of the implementation of the concept of digital transformation of the electric grid complex of the region, the power engineers will massively transfer consumers to modern high-tech smart metering devices that provide remote control of electric power quality parameters and reliability of power supply, remote readings, control of power consumption, and, very importantly, allow tracking source of losses, thereby suppressing attempts to steal electricity.

The power engineers note that for just 6 months of the current year, the branch’s specialists revealed 295 facts of theft of electric energy with a total volume of about 4.7 million kWh. At the same time, the amount of material damage caused to the branch was more than 17.2 million rubles.

“The scale of energy theft today is such that the grid company suffers monthly losses,” comments Deputy General Director - Director of the branch “Rosseti Centre Tverenergo” Manvel Mazhonts, “while the level of electricity losses is directly related to the quality of electricity supply. Intensifying efforts to combat theft of energy resources, the power engineers primarily protect the interests of conscientious consumers, since the illegal use of electricity takes part of the capacity and increases the load on the grid, and therefore entails a deterioration in power supply parameters. The scope of work implemented in the framework of the exercises will make it possible to make a significant breakthrough in this struggle and direct the saved funds to the development of the energy complex and the provision of reliable power supply to residents of the Upper Volga Region.”  

For three months, the specialists of Rosseti Centre Tverenergo will carry out an annual set of work. The result of a large-scale campaign in the framework of the exercises will be a decrease in the volume of electricity losses by more than 7%. Also, the result of this work will be the modernization of the metering system of the electric grid complex of the region.

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