Employees of Bryanskenergo and members of student crews took part in a blood donation campaign


The branch “Rosseti Centre Bryanskenergo” held the next “Donor Day”. It was attended by employees of the energy company and, for the first time, members of student energy crews, who were keeping a watch at energy facilities of Bryanskenergo. More than 50 people took part in the campaign.

The members of the student energy crews participated for the first time in the blood donation event, which has become traditional for Bryanskenergo’s employees - “Donor Days” are held in Bryanskenergo twice a year, starting in 2009. During this time, more than 700 employees of the branch took part in them. Thanks to the power engineers, the donor blood bank of the region has been replenished with more than 320 litres of blood.

“Participation in such an event is a very important matter. After all, donating blood, we contribute to the replenishment of the donor blood bank. Thereby, helping to save human lives,” says the commissioner of the student energy crew “Synergy 32” Nikolay Potugin.

The action took place in a special mobile station of the State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Bryansk regional blood transfusion station”, near the central office of Bryanskenergo. The power engineers gave a total of more than 22 litres of blood, which, after checking, will be transferred to emergency departments of medical institutions of the Bryansk region.

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