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Kurskenergo continues to combat energy theft


During five months of 2019, specialists from the branch “Rosseti Centre Kurskenergo”* identified 189 cases of non-metered and non-contractual electricity consumption in the amount of more than 3.702 million rubles.

Thus, as part of carrying out raid activities in Kursky district of the region, five facts of electricity theft were revealed. The amount of damage caused to the branch was more than 300 thousand rubles. In respect of each offender, acts of non-metered consumption of electricity were drawn up and applications were sent to law enforcement agencies.

Also, in Fatezhsky district in the village of V.Lyubazh, when checking the metering device of an individual entrepreneur, an unauthorized additional device was found, which allows distorting the actual amount of electricity consumed, as well as violating the integrity of the seals of the state verifier of the metering device. By his unlawful actions, the violator created the conditions for the consumption of electricity in excess of the power regulated by technical conditions. The volume of non-metered consumption amounted to 9,360 kWh, in monetary terms more than 43 thousand rubles. Currently, applicant materials have been sent to the Fatezhsky Intermunicipal Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Please, be reminded that that since 9 June 2019, amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation entered into force. Fines for repeated unauthorized connection to electric grids, as well as unauthorized (non-metered) use of electricity have doubled. Now citizens are fined from 15 to 30 thousand rubles. In addition to tightening sanctions for individuals, the changes affected other categories of consumers. For repeated unauthorized connection to power grids, as well as unauthorized (non-metered) use of electricity, officials will pay from 80 to 200 thousand rubles, or will be disqualified for a period from two to three years. Fines for organizations - from 200 to 300 thousand rubles.

The power engineers draw the attention of residents of the region to the fact that energy theft is one of the main causes of voltage drops and interruptions in the supply of energy. You can report facts of possible violations of the law by calling the round-the-clock hotline at 8-800-50-50-115, the call is toll-free.

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