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75 children of employees of the Kostromaenergo branch to have a rest on preferential vouchers in the country camp “Electronic”


The branch “Rosseti Centre Kostromaenergo” pays great attention to the social support of workers and their children. This also applies to summer holidays. According to the collective agreement, the company compensates employees 80% of the cost of vouchers to children’s health camps. Parents with three or more children or children with disabilities, receive vouchers free of charge. This year Kostromaenergo will spend more than 800 thousand rubles on the summer holiday of children.

75 children of the employees of the branch will have a rest on preferential vouchers in the country camp “Electronic”. This camp, 30 km from Kostroma on the bank of the Volga, has for many years served as a base for the rest of the children of the power engineers. For four thematic shifts, the children will be involved in sports and creativity here, compete in intellectual quizzes and quests, engage in clubs and educational studios.

“It has become a good tradition that the children of Kostromaenergo’s employees spend their holidays with us annually in the summer,” says Olga Stupakova, Director of the camp “Electronic”. “It is worth noting that all of them, thanks to their parents, are very well familiar with the rules of electrical safety and take an active part in all activities for life safety.”

Kostromaenergo tries to make the rest of the children of its employees as affordable as possible. In addition to recreation in country camps, the company partially compensates for the cost of vouchers to children’s sanatorium and resort institutions. Thus, the children get the opportunity to spend the summer holidays interesting and beneficial to their health.

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