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Lipetsk power engineers told businessmen about the features of connection to grids of Rosseti Centre


Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo held a working meeting with representatives of companies planning to implement major investment projects in the Lipetsk region.

Today, the maximum number of procedures for applicants required for connection to power grids has been reduced. When using the company’s Internet resource (, all document flow is conducted in electronic form. Here you can also apply for connection online, estimate the required maximum power and calculate the cost of grid connection.

The power engineers pay special attention of businessmen to possible consequences of redundancy of increased power. Today, often entrepreneurs at the stage of registration of the application indicate a greater load than they actually need. This leads to several serious consequences. Firstly, the redundancy of excess power creates a pseudo-deficit in the electricity market. Secondly, the creation of a “reserve” of capacity can lead to an unjustified increase in the tariff for all consumers, since the cost of construction of power grid facilities is included in the investment program of Lipetskenergo. And, finally, businessmen run the risk of incurring serious financial costs for unused capacity.

“A number of enterprises today, when connected, demanded excessive consumption. The Ministry of Energy proposes to gradually introduce payment for unused capacity from 2020 with consumption of less than 60%, starting with paying 10% and switching to full payment of the reserve by 2024. We, as a branch of a large electric grid company, fully support this proposal,” said Sergey Vetrov, the deputy director for sale and development of services of Rosseti Centre Lipetskenergo.

Today, information on the load of power centres and capacity reserves can be found on the company’s website. You can apply for turnkey work performance at any Customer Service Centre at the same time as you apply for grid connection.

The contact phone numbers are 8-800-50-50-115; from fixed phones: 13-50. The call is toll-free. The Customer Service Centre is in Lipetsk, Octyabrskaya street 22, tel. 22-82-27.

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