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Voronezhenergo invests 2.3 billion rubles with VAT in the region’s electric grid complex


IDGC of Centre - Voronezhenergo division has started implementation of the investment program of 2019. Power engineers plan to invest about 2.3 billion rubles, including VAT, in activities aimed at ensuring grid connection of consumers, reconstruction and construction of new substations and power lines, reduction of losses, as well as the implementation of the project of digital transformation of the regional power grid complex.

The investment program of 2019 envisages the commissioning of more than 30 thousand kVA of transformer capacity, as well as the reconstruction and construction of more than 400 km of 0.4-110 kV power lines.

More than 500 million rubles are planned to be allocated for grid connection of the preferential category of applicants with a maximum capacity of up to 150 kW as part of the investment program. In addition, this year the branch plans to connect dozens of social institutions, as well as industrial facilities in the region, which are working on import substitution programs.

Half of the total investment volume will be used to implement digital transformation measures. A large-scale investment project of Voronezhenergo in 2019 is the construction of the 110 kV digital substation “Sputnik”. The modern substation equipped with a highly reliable distributed system of relay protection and automation with an automated control system will appear in the Northern micro-district of the city of Voronezh. The place for construction was not chosen by chance: the commissioning of the new substation will increase the reliability of power supply in one of the most densely populated districts of the city, and also provide an opportunity for further development of the urban area.

In addition, the branch has started creating a distributed automated control system for 6-10 kV grids, equipping transformer substations of 6-10 kV with telemetry devices and creating the first in the region digital Distribution Zones on the basis of Ramonsky and Novousmansky Distribution Zones. In 2019, the volume of investments in the digital transformation of the Distribution Zones will amount to 156 million rubles, including VAT.

The creation of the Unified Grid Control Centre (UGCC) within the framework of the digital transformation concept is also a priority for Voronezhenergo’s investment program in 2019. Equipped with digital communication channels and modern information systems, the Centre will allow to remotely manage the state of power grid facilities, monitor the quality parameters of electricity, coordinate the work of fist responding mobile and repair crews, which will significantly reduce the time of power outages and, ultimately, improve the reliability and quality of power supply to consumers.

Modernization of the dispatch control system requires the introduction of digital communication channels in Distribution Zones. In 2019, within the investment program about 77 million rubles with VAT will be allocated for the modernization of communication channels of a dispatch centre in Liskinsky Distribution Zone.

The program for the future development of retail electricity market metering systems will help reduce power losses in grids. In the course of its implementation in 2019, the Voronezh branch of IDGC of Centre invests 212 million rubles in the installation of more than 1.6 thousand smart electricity metering systems at transformer substations.

Measures implemented as part of the investment program will significantly improve the reliability and quality of power supply to consumers, as well as substantially reduce the time of interruptions in the supply of electricity caused by scheduled and emergency repair work at power equipment.

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