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Belgorod power engineers quickly eliminated conditional power outages


IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division held a training on elimination of mass outages of power grid facilities caused by adverse weather conditions.

According to the legend, due to sharp cooling, accompanied by rain, hail and hurricane wind with gusts up to 30 m/s, massive disconnections of lines and substations of 6-10 kV occurred. Without electricity there were residents of several districts. The north-western part of the region suffered the most. In Gubkin, due to a ground wire breakage on the double-circuit 110 kV overhead line Gubkin-Pushkarnaya with taps and the 110 kV overhead line Gubkin-Stary Oskol-1 with a tap to the 110 kV Zhuravliki Substation, four 35-110 kV substations were disconnected, in Belgorodsky district the 110 kV Belgorod-Yuzhaya No. 1 cable line with taps was disconnected.

From the first minutes, the operational headquarters of the branch took control of the situation, information about the technological disruptions in the operation of the electric grid complex and measures to eliminate them was immediately received by the regional headquarters for ensuring power supply security, the situational and analytical centre of IDGC of Centre, the Emergency Situations Ministry and the Kursk Transmission Control Centre. 19 crews with necessary equipment and specialized vehicles, as well as specialists of one contracting organization, began emergency repair work.

First of all, the power engineers fed socially significant facilities: schools, boiler rooms, kindergartens. In particular, in Yakovlevsky Distribution Zone, in order to restore the power supply of the conditionally de-energized Central District Hospital of the town of Stroitel and CJSC Tommoloko, the power engineers quickly launched a mobile backup source of power supply. The training was completed by 2 pm. The power supply to consumers was restored in full.

As explained by the head of the operational headquarters, Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division director Sergey Demidov, the Belgorod power engineers are always ready for the deterioration of weather conditions. At the branch, weather conditions are continuously monitored, after receiving information about the deterioration of the situation, a high-alert mode can be introduced, providing for more frequent control and checking that the staff has all the necessary tools, devices and specialized vehicles. In the case of data on mass outages, a special mode of operation with maximum mobilization is introduced. Based on the results of the check, conclusions will be made about the need for additional measures to reduce the likelihood of emergency situations in real life.

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