Bryanskenergo proceeded to a survey of electric grids from a bird’s eye view


Employees of IDGC of Centre - Bryanskenergo division started to inspect power grid facilities of the Bryansk region from a bird’s eye view.

With the help of unmanned aerial vehicles, the power engineers inspected the condition of 10 kV overhead power lines of Pogarsky, Starodubsky, Sevsky, Dyatkovsky and Unechsky Distribution Zones with a total length of almost 100 km. These sections of power lines stretch through the forest, often marshy, difficult terrain. According to the survey results, the following observations were identified: single standing trees outside the protected area of ​​the overhead power lines, with the fall of which it is possible to disconnect the overhead power lines, areas passing through forests that require clearing and expansion of the route. Having these data, the branch’s employees will be able to quickly develop and carry out the necessary measures to eliminate them.

A photo and video camera with which all quadcopters are equipped, as well as a thermal imager available on one of the aircraft, allow the power engineers to quickly receive a photo report and video materials on the status of routes and grids, including from power lines located in hard-to-reach places, as well as identify grid problems.

With the help of aircraft, Bryanskenergo plans to conduct routine diagnostics and detect violations, monitor the progress of clearing and expansion of routes by contractors, monitor the status of the protection zone of overhead lines.

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