Smolenskenergo conducted a command and staff exercise to prepare for elimination of consequences of the spring flood and wildfires in 2019


IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division held a command-staff exercise, the theme of which was the development of actions of the governing bodies, forces and facilities of the object level of the functional subsystem of the Single State Emergency Management System of Smolenskenergo in eliminating consequences of natural disasters at energy facilities caused by spring flood and wildfires.

The command-staff exercise was carried out in order to increase the efficiency of the branch’s activity on the prevention and elimination of failures by reducing the time of their location and liquidation, conducting emergency recovery operations in accordance with the Guidelines "Rules for preventing and eliminating the consequences of failures at power grid facilities of IDGC of Centre and IDGC of Centre and Volga Region”. The exercise was led by the first deputy director and chief engineer of the branch, Vitaly Mordykin. Smolenskenergo’s headquarters, the operational-technological service and the operational-situational department of the Grid Control Centre, heads of departments and chiefs of Distribution Zones, the mobilization training and civil defense department, the temporary information centre (TIC), employees of Rudnyansky Distribution Zone, the high-voltage grid office and the distribution grids office took part in the exercise.

In accordance with the plan, the command-staff exercise was conducted in two stages. The first stage was conducted on high alert with the development of issues in the event of a natural emergency at energy facilities caused by spring floods. The second stage was carried out in an emergency mode with the development of issues during the implementation of activities caused by natural fires.

During the exercise, in accordance with the developed program, a joint fire prevention training was organized on the topic: “Actions of operating personnel when 110 kV busbars 1 and 2 of the 110 kV substation “Golynki” were disconnected from the 110 kV differential bus protection due to damage to the phase “C” tank of the coupling circuit breaker-110 with oil release and ignition. Testing the interaction of the operating personnel of the 110 kV substation “Golynki” with personnel of fire station No. 77 of the Smolensk regional state budgetary institution “Fire and Rescue Centre” of the Smolensk region”.

On the basis of Rudnyansky Distribution Zone, practical measures were taken to check the readiness and provision with equipment, protective gear, specialized vehicles, availability of communication facilities for the crew of Rudnyansky Distribution Zone; control of storage location, condition and completeness of emergency reserve; checking the readiness and practical connection of back-up power supply sources to secondary school No. 1 in the town of Rudnya; the work of the operational technology group; verification and organization of communications and alerts.

The leaders of the exercise noted that the Grid Control Centre’s dispatchers and the personnel of the western section of the substation service showed good, well-coordinated interaction in the development of fire-prevention training. In the course of practical events, the team of Rudnyansky Distribution Zone, possessing the necessary resources, ensured the restoration of the normal functioning of the power grid facility in the shortest possible time. In addition, Gagarinsky Distribution Zone performed technically competently from a professional point of view when developing a solution for the condition to occur.

A temporary consumer information centre was set up at the proper level. The intermediaries, who went to the fire training at the 110 kV “Golynki” and Rudnyansky Distribution Zone, noted a high level of coherence, interaction and technical equipment of the checked participants of the command-staff exercise.

As a result, interaction was worked out with the General Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia in the Smolensk region, a branch of SO UES Smolensk Transmission Control Centre, Administrations and uniform duty dispatch services of municipal entities of the Smolensk region, the contact centre of IDGC of Centre, territorial divisions of the Federal Fire Service of the EMERCOM of Russia. The activities stipulated in the plan for the command and staff exercise were fully implemented.

The identified deficiencies, in accordance with the developed measures, will be eliminated in a planned manner.

The exercise confirmed the branch’s readiness to perform emergency response tasks caused by spring floods and wildfires.

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