Tambovenergo is ready to carry out mass repairs safely


IDGC of Centre - Tambovenergo division has completed the preparation for the mass maintenance and repair season, which will begin in May. Within the framework of the preparation, measures were taken in the subdivisions of the enterprise aimed at preventing industrial injuries.

Lists of potentially “dangerous places” in electrical installations were updated. The provision of crews and dispatch points with the documents necessary for the safe organization and performance of work was verified. Practical training on operational switching, the preparation of workplaces and the admission of crews for the safe execution of work in electrical installations were conducted with operating and first responding and repair personnel. Technical training of operating, first responding, maintenance and repair personnel of Tambovenergo was carried out, including theoretical and practical training at training centres with exemplary admission to work.

Staff of the branch underwent medical examinations. The workplaces are provided with the necessary safety equipment, appliances, first-aid kits, tools and devices.

The inspection of the readiness of the units for mass repair work was carried out by specially created commissions and the central commission of Tambovenergo. According to the results of the events held, all structural units of the branch were issued readiness certificates.

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