Lipetskenergo prevented theft of electricity worth more than ten million rubles


Power engineers keep on preventing losses.

An enterprising resident of Yeletsky district found an abandoned, de-energized building in the village of Volchye. The businessman laid the windows with bricks, connected it himself to the electric grid and was happy about his own frugality. However, a crew of IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division drew the attention of the new customer during the control reading in this locality. The entrepreneur could not submit an energy supply contract. As a result, the power engineers drew up an act of non-contractual consumption. The businessman will have to pay for illegally consumed electricity more than 113 thousand rubles. In addition, he will have proceedings with law enforcement agencies, since IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division referred to the police with a statement about the unauthorized connection and use of electric energy.

Police proceedings and a fine of up to 15 thousand rubles are also waiting for the villager of Korobovka of Gryazinsky district. He connected all household appliances in the house, bypassing the meter. As a result, according to specialists, he consumed 17,520 kWh. For these kilowatts, in addition to the fine, he will have to pay 44,326 rubles.

“Today in all districts of the region we are installing a smart electricity metering system. Split meters allow us to see the power consumption of each customer in real time. In addition, these metering devices also allow to remotely turn off electricity. Thus, the homes of those consumers who systematically violate the rules of using and paying for electric energy can be de-energized even without a crew arriving at the site,” said Vadim Negrobov, the head of the electricity metering department of IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division.

In total, in the first three months of 2019, the power engineers drew up 259 acts of non-metered and non-contractual electricity consumption. The volume of prevented theft amounted to 2.213 million kWh. In rubles, this figure is equal to 10.118 million rubles.

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