Voronezhenergo is preparing for mass maintenance and repair work


IDGC of Centre - Voronezhenergo division have begun preparations for mass maintenance and repair work. It is held by power engineers annually from April to October and is an important condition for ensuring the reliability of operation of the region’s power grid complex in the coming autumn-winter period. This year Voronezhenergo will allocate more than 443 million rubles for the maintenance and repair program.

As part of the repair campaign, over 1,360 kilometres of 0.4-110 kV overhead power lines and 403 transformer substations will be repaired. Equipment overhaul is also planned at 39 substations of 35 and 110 kV.

In order to prevent emergencies, it is planned to clear more than 1,400 hectares of routes of overhead power lines from trees and shrubs. More than 25 million rubles will be allocated for this work.

The main task of Voronezhenergo at the present time is to ensure the readiness of personnel of all departments for massive repairs.

As part of the preparation, crews are trained in safe working methods, taking into account the specifics of the work performed, and the prompt maintenance of electrical installations in the spring-summer period. At the training facilities of the branch, classes are held that are close to real conditions. They practice the rules of first aid. In all subdivisions, the provision of the crews with special clothing, protective equipment, devices, tools and medicines is checked. The condition of motor and specialized vehicles is checked.

Mass preventive maintenance and repair will begin immediately after the relevant commissions check the readiness of the crews for safe work and hand over the certificate of readiness to each unit.

In total, over 170 crews of Voronezhenergo will be involved in the maintenance and repair work.

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