Smolenskenergo continues a project to promote an energy-efficient behaviour model among the younger generation


In the library number 3 named after B.L. Vasiliev in the city of Smolensk, an energy saving event was held by employees of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division.

Lectures on the promotion of a culture of respect for energy resources are constantly held by power engineers in kindergartens, schools and summer holiday camps. In 2018, in order to promote an energy-efficient model of behaviour among the younger generation, a project was launched to cooperate with libraries of the regional centre. The first lectures were held in the Central Library named after N.S. Klestov-Angarskiy for students and schoolchildren.

Today, a thematic event for high school students was held in the second Smolensk library. The power engineers acquainted the participants with the rules of energy efficiency and energy saving, talked about the varieties of lamps, the existence of “smart houses” and the most advanced energy-saving equipment. The pupils learned the secrets of saving and intelligent consumption of resources at home and at school. At the end of the event, a quiz was presented to the children’s attention, by answering the questions of which, they repeated the rules and learned a lot about the objects around their homes.

“Ecology, energy saving and digital technologies are the key themes of global energy development. The goal of the classes is to tell young people about the conscious and rational consumption of energy resources, to motivate them to be smart consumers,” commented Anastasia Kulachenkova, an engineer at Smolenskenergo’s office of energy saving and energy efficiency.

Interaction with libraries will be further continued.

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