Kurskenergo’s employees conducted a tour for students of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation


Specialists IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division continue career guidance among students of universities and colleges of Kursk. Recently, students of the Kursk branch of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation visited the Museum of the History of Energy of the Kursk region.

Guests were introduced to the history of the power industry of the Kursk region - from the appearance of the first power plant to the present day, with the specifics of the daily work of power engineers, modern technologies used in the industry.

The branch’s employees told the future financiers about the important direction of the work of the team - digitalization of the electric grid complex.

In particular, the students learned about the approval by PJSC ROSSETI of the “Digital Transformation 2030” concept, which implies the complete transformation of the electric grid infrastructure by 2030 through the implementation of digital technologies.

As part of the strategic document, Kurskenergo will implement the “Digital Distribution Zone” and “Digital Substation” projects, respectively, on the site of Kursky Distribution Zone and the 110/10 kV substation “Vysokaya”. The branch will also create the “Unified Grid Control Centre”, construct an intelligent electricity metering system, modernize the communication system, and implement the “digital electrician” technology.

The calculation of economic efficiency on the example of the branch shows that the implementation of measures for the digitalization of the grid will lead to a reduction in losses to the regulatory level. The cost of operational maintenance of equipment will decrease by 41%, the average restoration time of power supply will increase by more than 30%.

The chairperson of the Students’ Council of the Kursk Branch of the Financial University Kristina Ovcharova thanked the power engineers for the interesting tour: “You helped the guys learn new facts from the history of Kurskenergo, understand what role the branch plays in the economic life of the region, what changes are taking place in the energy industry.”

Until the end of the year, Kurskenergo’s experts plan to conduct about 20 familiarization tours for students of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions of the region.

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