Lipetskenergo to allocate 158 million rubles for the repair program of 2019


In 2019, the Lipetsk power engineers will have to repair more than 623 kilometres of cable and overhead power lines of 0.4-110 kV, as well as make element-by-element repair at 22 substations of 35-110 kV.

Much attention is still paid to clearing ROWs from trees and shrubs. This year 678 hectares will be cleared, which is 85.59 hectares (12.6%) more than last year.

The largest and most significant facilities of the repair program of the branch “Lipetskenergo” this year will be the 110/10 kV substation “Chemical” and the 110/35/10 kV substation “Khvorostyanka”, at which the transformers TDTN-16000/110/35/10 will be repaired. These substations provide electricity to a total of 200 settlements and more than 37 thousand consumers in Dankovsky and Dobrinsky districts. Among the significant facilities that the substations feed are 2 poultry farms, and in Dankovsky district the yeast factory “Angel Yeast Rus., Ltd.” opened this year.

Among the significant facilities of the repair campaign are also the 35 kV overhead power line “Bereznyagovka-1” in Dobrinsky district and the 35 kV overhead power line “Troekurovo-Sovkhoznaya” in Lebedyansky district, the repair of which will ensure the reliability of electricity supply to more than 2.5 thousand residents of 14 settlements of the Lipetsk region.

The implementation of the branch’s repair program is aimed at ensuring the operability of power lines and substations, the trouble-free passage of the heating season and the overall increase in the reliability of the regional power grid complex.

The power engineers ask residents of the region to understand the temporary inconveniences associated with partial or complete limitation of electricity supply during the scheduled works, since these measures are aimed at further uninterrupted operation of power equipment and avoiding emergency situations in the grids.

You can familiarize yourself with the schedule of planned outages on IDGC of Centre’s website at (on the main page of the site you should click on the “Power outage” banner) or by calling the direct line of power engineers at 1350 (from fixed phones) or 8-800-50-50- 115, where the contact centre’s specialists will tell you whether the lack of electricity in the house is a planned outage, or is related to any abnormal situation, they will specify the restoration time and the cause of the interruption.

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