Tambovenergo trained specialists of the technical unit


IDGC of Centre - Tambovenergo division held training for chief engineers of Distribution Zones and workers of the industrial safety and production control office. The lesson was held on the basis of the training centre in order to increase the level of professional training of the specialists.

During the theoretical part of the training, Tambovenergo’s employees were familiarized with the design features of the construction of overhead power lines (Conductors) using self-supporting insulated wires of SIW-2 on OLI-0.4 kV and SIW-3 on OLP-10 kV. They also considered technical solutions to reduce installation time, improve the reliability of electrical installations, facilitate and optimize the installation of electrical equipment.

In practice, Tambovenergo’s specialists were able to mount an uninsulated and protected wire using helical ties, as well as perform a classic mounting using aluminum wire on intermediate poles of overhead lines using various insulators. Together with specialists from the company “Niled”, which is the main initiator of the promotion of modern construction technology of self-supporting insulated wires in Russia, Tambovenergo’s employees quickly and efficiently constructed a 0.4 kV power line section using fixtures for self-supporting insulated wire.

“Reliability and durability of operation of power lines depends on the quality of installation, which is directly related to the uninterrupted and high-quality power supply to consumers in the Tambov region. At the meeting, Tambovenergo’s experts shared with each other their accumulated experience in the field of design, construction and operation of power lines, which will certainly have a positive effect on the production process,” stressed Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre - Tambovenergo division director Nikolay Bogomolov.

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