Power engineers of the Kostroma branch of IDGC of Centre took part in the organization of the military-sports game “Outpost”


Participants of the game were pupils of grades 2-10 of the Ostrovskaya secondary general school. And its organizers, along with employees of Ostrovsky Distribution Zone of IDGC of Centre - Kostromaenergo division, representatives of the regional departments of the EMERCOM, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia.

“Outpost” was held in four stages, each of which was assigned to one of the organizers. The schoolchildren, united in several groups, were asked to show their knowledge and skills in various situations. They provided assistance to victims of burns and fractures, helped citizens who got into an accident and fell through the ice. At each stage, the judges evaluated the correctness of actions, the level of knowledge and well-coordinated work of each member of the squad.

During the passage of the electrical safety stage, the schoolchildren answered theoretical questions about safety rules near a torn-off wire, actions during an emergency power outage, etc. Also, the chief of Ostrovsky Distribution Zone Sergey Chistyakov together with electricians Ivan Korolkov and Nikolay Solovyov taught the children to render first aid to an injured person. With the dummy "Gosha" they conducted preparation for resuscitation, closed-chest cardiac massage, etc.

According to the results of the “Electrical Safety” stage, each team received the highest mark - 10 points, which confirms that the children know the rules of electrical safety and are ready to assist in an unforeseen situation. Also, each pupil was handed instructions with the rules of electrical safety.

The military-sports game "Outpost" has been held in the settlement of Ostrovskoye for several decades. Its organizers note the interest of children in participating in such events, as well as the growth of schoolchildren’s knowledge of the basics of life safety.

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