Kurskenergo’s specialists introduced high school students to electrical safety rules


IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division actively works on prevention of electrical injuries among children and adolescents. One of the important components of this work is lessons of electrical safety, which the branch’s specialists conduct in educational institutions of Kursk and the Kursk region.

The next thematic lesson was held in the municipal budgetary general education institution “General secondary school with in-depth study of certain subjects No. 46” of the city of Kursk, it was attended by more than 100 high school students.

The power engineers told the children how to properly handle electrical equipment, how important it is to pay attention to warning and prohibition signs installed on electrical equipment, why it is impossible to get close to broken wires and transformer substations. In addition, the branch’s specialists acquainted the schoolchildren with the power engineering profession, showed protective equipment that electricians use in their daily work.

An important part of the lesson was the demonstration of skills to provide first aid to the victim of electric shock. Kurskenergo’s experts showed the schoolchildren how to perform resuscitation measures with the simulator-dummy “Gosha”. For clarity the lesson was accompanied by thematic videos. At the end of the lesson, the power engineers gave the high school students and teachers colourful reminders with the rules of electrical safety.

“Kurskenergo pays great attention to the prevention of injuries, especially among children and adolescents. Our task is to improve the quality of knowledge in this area, to foster in schoolchildren a culture of safe handling of electricity,” stressed Deputy Chief Engineer - Head of the Office of Occupational Safety and Production Control of the branch Dmitry Gorbachev.

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