Kurskenergo’s specialists awarded for professionalism


For professional achievements in 2018, 170 employees of IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division were awarded departmental, corporate and regional awards.

The honorary title "Honorary Power Engineer" for a great personal contribution to the development of the fuel and energy complex was given to an electrician of a first responding mobile crew of the 3rd category of the operational and technological group of Rylsky Distribution Zone Vladimir Davydov. Several Kurskenergo’s employees received certificates of appreciation and letters of gratitude from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

The honorary badge of PJSC ROSSETI - “For contribution to the development of the electric grid complex” of degree II was handed to Alexey Aleshkin, the head of the substation service of the Southern section, and the silver badge of IDGC of Centre - to the head of the services sales office Yury Kartsev.

The high title of PJSC ROSSETI - “Veteran of the grid complex” was awarded to a car driver of the 4th category of the Western section of the service of mechanization and transport Sergey Lodochkin.

The letter of gratitude of PJSC ROSSETI was announced to a dispatcher of the operational and technological group of Bolshesoldatsky Distribution Zone Dmitry Okhotnikov.

The honorary title “Veteran of IDGC of Centre” was conferred to Vladimir Borodin, the head of the operational and technological group of Konyshevsky Distribution Zone, and an accountant of the 1st category of the accounting and tax accounting and reporting office Nelly Maximova. The title of IDGC of Centre - “Best in the profession” was awarded to an electrician of dispatching equipment and remote automation of the 5th category of the Southern section Yury Shlyakhov, the master of crew 1 for operation of distribution grids of Rylsky Distribution Zone Yury Dushkin was awarded the Honorary Title of IDGC of Centre - “Best manager”.

A large group of Kurskenergo’s employees was awarded certificates of honour and letters of gratitude of IDGC of Centre, IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division, the Kursk region, the Kursk Regional Duma and the Administration of the city of Kursk.

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