Specialists of Kostromaenergo organized the calibration of more than a thousand of energy measurement instruments


Specialists of the metrology and power quality department of IDGC of Centre - Kostromaenergo division summed up the activities for 11 months of 2018. During this period, a whole set of activities was carried out, including technical measures.

As part of the metrological assurance, the power engineers organized verification of 1,022 measuring instruments (88 of them were electrical energy meters, 180 current and voltage measuring transformers), and 1,983 measuring instruments were maintained and calibrated.

To assess the quality of electricity, in accordance with the annual schedule of periodic monitoring of electricity quality indicators, for 11 months of the current year, 942 measurements were performed. The measurements were carried out with specialized devices having valid calibration certificates that allow assessing the quality of electricity for compliance with the requirements of GOST. The results of the work performed are recorded in a single database of the Company in the SAP system.

It is worth noting that the specialists of the metrology and power quality department of the branch “Kostromaenergo” serve 27 Distribution Zones, 45 structural subdivisions of the branch (including departments, services, offices, production sites) that operate the measuring instruments. The work of metrologists prevents the occurrence of accidents and failures in the operation of main and auxiliary equipment due to the failure of measuring instruments, the number of which in Kostromaenergo exceeds 25 thousand.

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