Kurskenergo’s specialists continue to train children in the proper handling of electricity


IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division pays great attention to prevention of children’s electric injuries. The branch’s specialists organize more than 500 electric safety lessons annually.

Power engineers held regular classes for pupils of secondary schools of Medvensky, Schigrovsky, Timsky and Manturovsky districts. More than 400 children took part in them.

Kurskenergo’s specialists spoke about the need to comply with electric safety rules, explained the threat posed by faulty electrical appliances and bare wires, what playing near power lines and near transformer substations can result. The power engineers demonstrated the main warning and prohibition signs to schoolchildren, and also showed thematic videos. At the end of the event, all the children received useful gifts - a timetable with electric safety rules.

Kurskenergo conducts electric safety lessons as part of the implementation of the integrated program of IDGC of Centre on prevention of electric injury among children. Conducting thematic classes involves engineers of industrial control and safety, specialists of Distribution Zones and training points of operating personnel, members of the Youth Council of the branch.

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