Smolensk power engineer about exercises in Tver


Danil Tekhneryadnev, an engineer of the 2nd category of the production and technical group of Smolensk City Distribution Zone of ​​Smolenskenergo:

“The last six months I have been saturated with events. All of them are related to energy. In the summer I headed a students’ construction crew of the branch of NRU MPEI in Smolensk, which included working for one and a half months at Smolenskenergo’s facilities. Then I was fortunate enough to join the branch’s staff. I have not worked at Smolensk City Distribution Zone for long, but I have had a unique opportunity not only to plunge into the profession and put into practice theoretical knowledge, but also to participate in the large-scale exercises of power engineers in Tver. Now I’m among the power engineers of Smolenskenergo engaged in the preparation of documents for Tverenergo’s lines. In the Tver region I am for the first time and, naturally, for the first time at such exercises, so for me this is particularly interesting.”

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