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No lagging behind - everything goes according to the schedule


As of 22 October 2018, (exactly one month has passed since the beginning of the exercises), the employees of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division, during the exercise in the Tver region, have already cleared 343.4 hectares of ROWs along overhead power lines. The total length of cleared power lines amounted to 392 kilometres. These figures correspond to 68% of the clearing assigned to the branch. In addition, an expansion of the ROW of the 35kV Gorodnya-Kalikino overhead line is underway.

“Smolenskenergo’s employees at the large-scale power engineering exercises in the Tver region supervise the territory of Kalininsky district. As part of the exercises, we carry out work on clearing ROWs of 10 kV overhead lines from trees and shrubs, as well as work on levelling poles, updating dispatching names, cutting down trees threatening to fall on wires, and replacing insulation. All works are currently under the schedule, the weather in late September and early October did not hinder the implementation of the planned volumes. Our crews are equipped with everything necessary to fulfill the assigned tasks,” said First Deputy Director - Chief Engineer of Smolenskenergo Vitaly Mordykin.

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