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A students’ crew of the Lipetsk branch of IDGC of Centre is the most creative in Rosseti


“12 kilowatts of youth” brought a victory from Rostov-on-Don.

A students’ crew of IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division returned from Rostov-on-Don with a diploma for the first place in the creative competition. There, as part of the All-Russian gathering, dedicated to the end of the labour semester, the ninth season of students’ crews of the power grid complex was held. This is the final event of the year of the Russian students’ crews, which is visited by only the best representatives of the movement.

Lipetsk on the all-Russian stage was represented by the crew “12 kilowatts of youth”. Students of the Lipetsk State Technical University presented a program called “RosSeti of Love”. They sang, played the bass guitar, read the power rap. As a result, the Lipetsk students were named the best. In addition, our students took the 2nd and 3rd place in the photo contest.

Lipetskenergo annually invites students of the Lipetsk State University and other technical educational institutions to work. This year, over a month and a half of the labour semester under the guidance of experienced Lipetskenergo’s specialists, the future power engineers carried out dozens of instrumental checks of metering devices, updated about 30 registries to schemes of 0.4 overhead lines, took part in clearing ROWs and identified several cases of non-metered power consumption.

“I was in the students’ crew for the first time. I believe that the main advantage of working here is knowledge that is not in the books. After all, you communicate with practitioners. And no theory will replace their experience. In addition, the students’ crew is an endless opportunity to develop. For example, I visited the energy shift in Skolkovo and now I know why they say that the power engineer is the main person at the plant. None of the production, not a single industry without competent power supply works,” Alexey Krivonosov, a first-year student of the master’s degree program of the electrical equipment department of the Lipetsk State Technical University, assessed the winning labour season this way.

For the Lipetsk branch of IDGC of Centre, students’ crews are part of the systematic work of attracting qualified specialists to the production. So, for example, Dmitry Kornilov, a student of the electrical equipment department of the Lipetsk State Technical University, after graduating from the university plans to work at Lipetskenergo:

“The students’ crew provides an opportunity to put into practice, to touch with hands what I studied for a year. I have been for the fourth year in the students’ crews of Rosseti. Thanks to this, I understand very well what work awaits me in the near future. And I am sure that I am ready for it,” the future power engineer believes.

In total, in the labour season of 2018, 122 crews of a total of 2,118 students from 91 educational organizations worked at 108 facilities of Rosseti’s group of companies.

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