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About 200 schoolchildren visited Kostromaenergo as part of the campaign “Week without turnstiles”


High school students of the city of Kostroma and the Kostroma region visited the Kostroma branch of IDGC of Centre. The event was organized by power engineers in the framework of the All-Russian campaign “Week without turnstiles”, which is aimed at promoting engineering and working professions among students and young people. About 200 schoolchildren of grades 10-11 from 7 educational institutions took part in it.

In the Museum of the History of the Kostroma Energy System, the children were told about the formation and development of the regional power grid complex and the main activities of the branch “Kostromaenergo”. They were also introduced to the structure of IDGC of Centre and Rosseti. At Kostromaenergo’s Grid Control Centre (GCC), the students were shown modern equipment, with the help of which operating staff monitors the operation of power facilities in real time and receives data necessary for quick decision making in emergency situations.

Kostromaenergo’s guests thanked the specialists of the branch for the interesting and informative tour. “Such campaigns as “Week without turnstiles” are very useful, because in order to become a professional in any industry, theoretical knowledge is not enough - you need to understand how to put it into practice,” says the head teacher on educational work, a physics teacher at the Suschevskaya secondary school in Kostromsky district Vladimir Petrov. “We are grateful to Kostromaenergo for the fact that high school students of our school in an accessible and interactive form have gained knowledge of both the work of the enterprise and the energy profession. This will help them consciously decide in the future on the choice of their future specialty.”

Kostromaenergo pays great attention to the training of qualified personnel for further work at the enterprise. In addition to tours, energy specialists regularly hold open-door days for young people, various career guidance campaigns and events.

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