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Head of IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division inspected the work of crews in Tver


Lipetsk power engineers are starting to eliminate defects on lines of Tverenergo.

As of 22 October 2018, Lipetskenergo’s crews cleared 183.5 hectares of ROWs with a plan of 165.71 hectares. Thus, 256.9 kilometres of transmission lines were brought to a standard condition.

Director of IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division visited the location of the Lipetsk grouping and personally monitored the progress of work not only for clearing and expanding ROWs, but also for inspection and location of faults on 35-110 kV overhead lines. This task has been completed, 376 kilometres of lines have been completed, a list of necessary works has been compiled. Also, when clearing the ROWs of 10 kV overhead lines, emergency defects are also being identified on these lines: the destruction of pillars of reinforced concrete poles, the breakdown and destruction of insulators, etc. The Lipetsk power engineers will start to eliminate them this week.

“The company’s management set up a difficult task, but Lipetskenergo’s crews are coping with it. I personally made sure that our employees are provided with everything necessary: ​​from working clothes to tools and vehicles. Living conditions are comfortable, do not cause any complaints. There are no barriers to effective work. I am sure that residents of Kalininsky district, where the Lipetsk grouping works, will understand what reliable and high-quality power supply means already this winter,” said IDGC of Centre - Lipetskenergo division director Sergey Koval.

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