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Orelenergo at the exercises in the Tver region


Employees of IDGC of Centre - Orelenergo division at the large-scale power engineering exercises in the Tver region supervise the territory of Bezhetsky district. For a month of systematic work to improve the reliability of energy supply to consumers in Bezhetsky district, the Orel power engineers cleared 212.0 hectares of ROWs along power lines. Just imagine these scales: these are more than two thousand average summer house plots of 10 hundred square metres each!

“We have already completed 75% of the clearing we were given, but thatэs not all. The guarantee of uninterrupted and high-quality power supply is not only the ROWs of overhead lines that are “cleared” from the vegetation, but also the proper operation of all power facilities of the grid complex. This is what we will put in order,” notes Sergey Nikolenko, Orelenergo’s supervisor.

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