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Cultural leisure of power engineers in their free time from exercises


In addition to the daily implementation of the work plan within the framework of the exercises of subsidiaries and dependent companies of PJSC Rosseti in the electric grid complex of IDGC of Centre - Tverenergo division, power engineers spend their weekend with fun. Everyone finds leisure to his liking, because the historical and cultural heritage of the Tver region is more than 5 thousand archeological monuments, about two thousand historical monuments and three thousand architectural monuments. It is the land of endless forests, blue lakes and healing holy sources. Every week the power engineers get acquainted with the beauties and sights of the region. Assistance in this is provided by the Committee on Cultural Affairs of the Tver region.

“For me, a resident of Glazovsky district of Udmurtia, to visit the riverhead of the Volga was a mandatory event. In our area the equally great Russian Kama river starts. Therefore, when we were offered to visit the head of the Volga, we did not hesitate. The noise of the forest overhead, the high sky is filled with some special meaning here. A subtle spring sound is heard. The water is clean, cold. We had a great rest, gained strength and unforgettable impressions!” said Ivan Ushakov, the deputy chief of Glazovsky Distribytion Zone of the branch “Ukmurtenergo”.

“Above the spring, a small chapel was installed on stilts. Not far from the source there is a stone with a carved reminder saying: “Here purity and greatness of the Russian land originate.” There is a small stream flowing from the chapel about thirty centimetres deep and no more than 60 centimetres wide. We stepped over such a mighty river and stood on both banks of the Volga at the same time,” followed his colleague’s words Vladimir Kryukov, a master of Fatezhsky Distribution Zone of the branch “Kurskenergo”.

“At the weekend we visited the famous Nilo-Stolobensky Monastery at Seliger. A beautiful place! Under the word “poustinia” I imagined a distant monastery or a small monastic community. Before us, however, appeared a magnificent monastery, completely occupying the Stolobny Island. It was interesting to know the story of Rev. Nil, whose name the monastery has. He lived here in a cave as a hermit for 27 years and bequeathed to build a monastery on this site. All colleagues enjoyed the tour very much, had a good time!” shared his impressions Alexander Suntsov, a master of a distribution grid repair crew at Seltinsky Distribution Zone of the branch “Udmurtenergo”.

“Not far from the place of work within the framework of the exercises there is the Sandovo Natural Museum. In one weekend we went there on a tour. Representatives of the museum told about the rich flora and fauna of Sandovsky district, which is represented in the museum by various exhibits - typical plants of the area, stuffed animals. Most of the excursion was devoted to predatory animals (lynx, wild boars, bears) and poisonous snakes that inhabit the local forests. The guide told about their habits, precautionary measures at meeting them, which turned out to be very useful for the power engineers working daily in the forest,” said Maxim Siluyanov, the chief engineer of Danilovsky Distribution Zone of IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division.

His colleagues from Yaroslavl could not help but take advantage of the fact that their group is based in the Upper Volga region - Vesyegonsky district. This land is rich in ponds and is famous for its unique fishing.

“Many guys came from places where only small reservoirs, small rivers, and had no interest in fishing. Here they got carried away and now they spend every weekend with a fishing rod on the Mologa River, arranging competitions among themselves. The winners are Andrey Shakhov, a master of Borisoglebsky Distribution Zone and Ivan Apakushin, an electrician for operation of distribution grids of Borisoglebsky Distribution Zone. They managed to catch a pike weighing more than 2 kilograms. Fishing is good here and the places are beautiful, after working days it is pleasant to relax your body and soul,” shared Mikhail Schipalov, the head of the distribution grid office of IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division.

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