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Since the beginning of the year more than 7,000 consumers applied for value-added services of Kurskenergo


IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division summed up the sale of value-added services for nine months of 2018. During the reporting period, the company received 7,623 requests for the provision of value-added services, of which 5,510 applications. 4,300 contracts were concluded with consumers, of which about 4,000 have already been executed.

Most often, residents of the Kursk region referred to Kurskenergo for the service of replacing metering devices - 2,354 applications. Also, consumers demanded such value-added services as grid connection on a turnkey basis (2,145 applications), placement of third-party equipment at facilities of the grid company (614 applications), and outdoor lighting (134 applications).

To improve customer service and increase the quality of services provided, specialists of customer service centres (CSC) of Kurskenergo regularly conduct surveys and questionnaires. For 9 months of 2018, the company received 1,587 pieces of positive feedback from consumers. Clients thank the branch’s employees for high-quality and prompt advice on electricity supply issues.

Information about the services provided by the grid company can be obtained by phone via the direct line of power engineers at 8-800-50-50-115 or by calling the short number 13-50, by calling +7 915-38-000-38 in Viber (all calls are toll-free), on the company’s web-site at or at any customer service office of Kurskenergo.

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