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Belgorodenergo reconstructs the 110 kV Industrial substation in Stary Oskol


IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division completes the first stage of reconstruction of the 110 kV Industrial substation in Stary Oskol. The feeding centre with an installed capacity of 50 MVA provides power supply to industrial and residential consumers in Stary Oskol urban district. 138.9 million rubles were allocated for the project implementation with VAT included.

Reconstruction of the power facility will take place within two years. The project provides for replacement of isolating switches and short-circuiting switches, oil circuit breakers for modern gas-insulated and vacuum ones, updating and expansion of relay protection systems, remote control and metering of electricity, modernization of the central alarm system.

To ensure a high level of observability and rapid response to emergency processes, all equipment for relay protection and automation will closely interact with devices of the automated process control system. Data from telemetry and remote signalling will be fed into the operational information complex of the Grid Control Centre of Belgorodenergo and the district control centre of Starooskolsky Distribution Zone. It provided for remote control of switching devices of the substation from the Grid Control Centre and the district control centre without the involvement of additional personnel, which will significantly reduce the time for switching, equipment taking down for repair and elimination of emergency modes.

The 110 kV Industrial substation was commissioned in 1983. It provides electricity to a number of large category consumers, including the confectionery factory “Slavyanka”, the dairy plant “Avida”, the pumping station of the Oskol water utility and many others. Upon completion of the reconstruction, the reliability of power supply to consumers will reach a new level.

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