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Smolensk power engineers teach to live brightly, but economically


In September, IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division, in the framework of the third All-Russian energy saving festival “Together Brighter”, held a series of activities “With Respect for Energy Saving” to educate the young generation about careful attitude to energy resources.

Classes were held for children of different forms of secondary schools located in the city Smolensk: No. 3, 6, 11, 15, 28, 30, 40, open (shift) school No. 1 and lyceum No. 1 named after Academician B.N. Petrov. Also, energy saving lessons were held in the Talashkin, Ugra, Shumyach, Velizh, Elninsk and Rudnya schools.

Hundreds of children learned about the rational ways of using energy at the classes held by power engineers. The experts told the schoolchildren about the main types of energy and power plants, using examples to repeat ways of economical use of electricity in everyday life. The children were happy to take part in photography with posters-hashtags in support of the festival, answered questions and riddles about energy in general and about the careful handling of energy resources in particular, travelled around the country "Energy Saving". At the end of the classes, they received useful gifts with corporate symbols - timetables, rulers, stickers.

In most Distribution Zones of the branch open door days were organized for schoolchildren and students of core specialties at secondary specialized educational institutions, and students of the NRU MPEI branch in the city of Smolensk had the opportunity to go on a tour to the Grid Control Centre. During the events, the guests got acquainted with the power engineering profession, learned what daily Smolenskenergo’s specialists have to do, how many power facilities it serves. For students of the 1st and 2nd courses of the Smolensk Construction College, a lecture was held on “Energy Saving. Simply about the complicated”.

IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division actively supports the initiative of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, aimed at educating the younger generation of respect for energy resources and the environment. Communication with children and adolescents on the topics of energy saving and energy efficiency is carried out constantly by power engineers - classes are held starting from the senior and preparatory groups of kindergartens.

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