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Belgorodenergo commissioned 43.9 MVA of new capacity


IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division summed up the intermediate results of the implementation of the investment program. For six months, 43.9 MVA capacity was put into operation with a plan of 24.3 MVA (180.2%), more than 293 km of power lines were constructed and reconstructed (160% of the half-year plan). The volume of capital investments amounted to 938.4 million rubles (excluding VAT).

A major project of the year will be the modernization of two high-voltage supply centres - the substations "Konshino" (Gubkinsky district) and "Rogovatoye" (Starooskolsky district). At the facilities, the obsolete equipment of outdoor switchgears is being replaced with modern SF6 circuit breakers. This will increase the reliability of power supply for 1,356 consumers in Gubkinsky district and about eight thousand in Starooskolsky district, among which the facility of the first reliability category is the "Oskolsky Bacon" pig complex.

Over 76 km of power lines passing through the territory of small remote villages and settlements of the region were modernized in the first half of the year under the program of technical re-equipment and reconstruction. Work was completed in the town of Krutoy Log and the settlement of Maisky in Belgorodsky district, the settlement of Rakitnoye, the villages of Pokrovka and Vyazovoye in Ivnyansky and Prokhorovsky districts. All grids were installed using self-supporting insulated wire, which will increase reliability and provide a qualitatively new level of electricity supply for rural residents.

The branch exceeded the planned indicators more than twice for connection to the centralized power supply of enterprises of industry and agriculture, social facilities and housing and communal services. Under grid connection contracts for 6 months with a plan of 232.1 million rubles, 488.5 million rubles (excluding VAT) were disbursed. 2,907 grid connection contracts were completed with a total capacity of 72.5 MW, more than 203 km of power lines and 42 MVA of transformer capacity were put into operation.

Work is continuing to replace lightning protection cable on 110 kV overhead lines, expand ROWs, upgrade automatic metering systems, improve the security program of facilities.

The investment program of Belgorodenergo in 2018 is planned at 2.3 billion rubles. It is planned to commission 86.7 MVA of new capacity, construct and reconstruct 561 km of power lines.

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