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In the first half-year Belgorodenergo fulfilled about 3 thousand grid connection contracts


IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division summed up the results of the first half of the year on grid connection of customers. For 6 months, 2,877 contracts with a total capacity of 70.372 MW (without temporary grid connections) were completed. 2,346 individuals (32,098 MW) and more than 531 legal entities (38,274 MW, without temporary grid connections) were connected to electric grids, including 59 social facilities.

Electric power was provided to 22 large enterprises of industry, agro-industrial complex, social institutions and life support facilities. Among them there are flour milling and meat processing complexes of LLC "Agroindustrial Complex PromAgro" and the modern heart centre "Clinic of the Heart" in Stary Oskol, production sites of pharmaceutical plants of "Veropharm" and "Advance Pharmaceuticals" in Belgorod, the fish and pet food production plant "LimKorm" in Shebekino, a workshop for production of aerosol cans at the Belgorod Metalwork Plant, the milk company "Seversky Donets" in Korochansky district, as well as two modern fitness centres with a pool in Valuisky and Volokonovsky districts.

Connection is made as soon as possible in accordance with the terms of the agreement. The average duration of the implementation of the grid connection contract of the preferential category up to 15 kW inclusive is 53 days, more than 15 and up to 150 kW (inclusive) - 73 days. Large infrastructure facilities, as a rule, are provided with main and reserve power sources. In particular, the power supply of the heart clinic is made from two independent sources - the substations "Stary Oskol-1" and "Ochistniye" under the first category of reliability. This will prevent the slightest interruptions in the power supply of technological medical equipment, ventilation systems, gas equipment, server and other electrical installations, the sudden disconnection of which could endanger the life and health of people.

Power supply of small business facilities with the customer contract demand of up to 150 kW is under special control of the branch. A simplified procedure for grid connection is provided for them. The payment is calculated at preferential rates approved by the Commission for State Regulation of Prices and Tariffs in the Belgorod region.

In January of this year, Government Resolution No. 1661 approved the deadline for provision of documentation in the process of grid connection. Now the grid company sends a draft of the contract to the customer within 20 working days from the date of receipt of the application for grid connection (previously there were 30 days). If the application does not meet the requirements of the law, the branch within 3 working days (previously 6) sends a notice on the need to provide missing information. In this case, the applicant must provide the grid company with the missing materials within 20 working days, otherwise the application will be cancelled (previously the deadline for the provision of missing materials was not specified).

You can apply for connection to the grid and pay for the service either at the customer service offices or on the site of IDGC of Centre at, in the personal account of the client. Here, with the help of an interactive map of the perspective reserve capacity, you can determine the availability of free capacities in a particular district of ​​the region and calculate the approximate cost of the service.

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