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Yarenergo’s specialists held a master class on electrical safety in the children’s camp named after Gorky


A large-scale action "Territory of Safety" is gaining momentum in children’s health camps in the Yaroslavl region. The next point of the action was the camp named after Maxim Gorky. By tradition, the carousel of training sessions was launched by representatives of law enforcement agencies, which showed impressive skills in possession of hand-to-hand fighting, methods for neutralizing and detaining criminals, and a master class for training of service dogs. The campers did not stay aside and showed a reciprocal presentation for the guests of the event. Then the training marathon began.

This year this is the fourth "Territory of Safety" for specialists of IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division and every time the power engineers try to tell something new in their classes in a language that is accessible to children. So, during the lesson they explained to the guys the meaning of prohibiting signs installed on power facilities and told why games next to them could be deadly. The power engineers showed the children the equipment of electricians. Here everyone could try on a helmet, dielectric gloves and special boots.

No less interesting was the second part of the lesson - the provision of first aid in various situations. Yarenergo’s specialists showed a set of resuscitation measures with the dummy-simulator Gosha. And now each of the participants of the "Territory of Safety" knows how to help a person if he gets sick.

The final part of the training lesson was a cheerful energy relay, which was held for the children by guys from the students’ crew of Yarenergo. Representatives of the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, fire protection, the Federal Penal Service, the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, as well as employees of the AIDS Centre and "Gazprom gas distribution Yaroslavl" also showed their safety programs. In total, more than 400 children from 7 to 15 years old took part in the action.

"It was very exciting and interesting. In addition to the labour process, we are also engaged in public issues - today we work with the children. I believe that it is simply impossible to overestimate the importance of electrical safety issues. The format of the event is very easy, interesting, the children learned a lot," considers the commissioner of the students’ crew "Turbo" Almir Shigabutdinov.

This project has been implemented for the fourth year. During it, representatives of various companies and departments jointly visit children’s camps, where they conduct safety classes in their areas of work. This year the action will be held in two health camps in the Yaroslavl region.

"Holding such actions in children’s camps is very useful, since we can reach out to more children at once. It is very convenient to organize cognitive relay races and interactive classes on the territory of the camp. During events, children receive knowledge that will help them in later life," says Andrey Vinogradov, a safety specialist at IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division.

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