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Belgorodenergo provides power supply to schools for a new school year


IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division by the beginning of the next school year will perform grid connection of schools in Novooskolsky, Alekseevsky, Belgorodsky districts and the city of Belgorod. The aggregate power consumption of education facilities will be 1.1 MW.

With the increase in capacity, large-scale reconstruction of secondary schools No. 2 in the towns of Alekseevka and Novy Oskol is being carried out. Thus, the power consumption of the Novy Oskol school increased to 246 kW. The facility is connected from the substation "Novy Oskol" along the main and reserve power lines. The power engineers constructed a new package transformer substation, completed the construction and reconnection of school-feeding power lines.

The newly-built school in the micro-district "New", designed for 326 kW of power, was also connected to the grid. The power engineers installed a two-transformer closed-type transformer substation here, laid several cable lines with a total length of about 0.4 km.

Work is being completed on the construction site in the micro-district "Sputnik". It is planned that the primary school for 150 places located here, combined with the same kindergarten in capacity, will be put into operation this autumn. The power engineers plan to connect the school with the main and reserve power lines, providing the social facility with 279 kW of power. The main source of power, as well as for the school in the micro-district "New", will be the substation "Dubovoye".

Also, in autumn, the grid connection of a new kindergarten, combined with the primary school, will be completed in the micro-district "Tavrovo-10" in Belgorodsky district. The power consumption of the institution will be 148.6 kW. The main power source will be the substation "Tavrovo". Installation of power supply circuits for all the educational facilities is carried out using modern domestic equipment and materials. To ensure the required level of reliability, the sections of the grid are partitioned. In the case of an unplanned power outage, this makes it possible to ensure uninterrupted power supply for the bulk of consumers.

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