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Specialists of "Yarenergo" caught another power thief: the amount of damage was almost 1 million 340 thousand rubles


The next case of energy theft was stopped by specialists of IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division in Yaroslavl. Specialists of the mobile inspection group of the security department of the branch "Yarenergo" together with electricity metering specialists carried out a control check of the technical condition of electric grid facilities. When inspecting private houses located along 3rd Novodukhovskaya Street, the power engineers discovered a fact of non-contractual electricity consumption with a total volume of 390,000 kW/h.

The consumer, not having concluded the contract with the resource-supplying organization and, certainly, not having paid for the electric power, used all comforts of the modern world. The total cost of the stolen electricity was almost 340,000 rubles.

An act was drawn up against the consumer for this amount. The power engineers sent to law enforcement agencies an application to bring this consumer to criminal liability. In accordance with the law, the consumer was completely limited in the supply of electricity, despite his active resistance and threats.

It should be noted that in the course of the raid work carried out in the branch "Yarenergo", power engineers perform inspections of power grid facilities, including power lines, for illegal connections, verify the correct operation of consumers’ meters, revealing cases of illegal power consumption. Employees of the branch sent materials on facts of unauthorized energy consumption to law enforcement agencies, where they often serve as grounds for initiating administrative and criminal cases against power thieves.

IDGC of Centre - Yarenergo division will continue to conduct active measures to identify facts of illegal connection to power grids and theft of electricity. Theft of electricity causes both economic damage to the power grid company, and reduces the quality of power supply to bona fide consumers. In addition, unauthorized connection to power lines or interference in the operation of meters can provoke voltage surges, create a threat to life and health of people. Prompt elimination of facts of an unlawful connection of electrical equipment, wire connections, violations of integrity of metering devices, helps ensure safety of electricity supply and reduce power losses.

IDGC of Centre created a separate mailbox, where you can send information about theft of electricity. Also, this information can be transmitted by calling the round-the-clock direct line of the company at 8-800-50-50-115. Power engineers remind that punishment for energy theft is inevitable. And in case of detection of theft of electricity, the violator not only compensates the damage to the power grid company, but is also brought to criminal or administrative responsibility with payment of a fine.

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