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Kurskenergo’s specialists continue to conduct electrical safety lessons in children’s health camps


IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division continues systematic work on prevention of children’s electric injuries. During the summer holidays the power engineers place the emphasis on conducting electrical safety lessons in health and school camps.

The next series of classes took place in the children’s camps of Konyshevsky, Lgovsky and Glushkovsky districts of the Kursk region, more than 100 children aged 8 to 14 took part in them.

The children learned why they must not play near electrical installations, approach dangling wires and transformer substations, and fish near power lines and climb their poles. The instructors of the lessons taught them to move with a goose step in the range of ground fault currents, and also demonstrated the skills of first aid to the victim from the action of electric current. All the lessons were accompanied by demonstration of visual materials and videos.

In total, Kurskenergo’s specialists will conduct about 30 electrical safety lessons in health camps in the Kursk region, which more than 1,500 children will take part in.

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