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Employees of Belgorodenergo organized for schoolchildren "Quest of Energy Saving"


Pupils of Belgorod school No. 19 became participants in an exciting lesson on rational use of resources "Quest of Energy Saving". The game was held at the Centre for Energy Efficiency of IDGC of Centre - Belgorodenergo division, an interactive site where special equipment is presented that helps save electricity in production and in everyday life.

The children were asked to go through eight stages of the quest. At each of them they received information and answered questions about how energy efficient equipment can save the family budget while preserving the quality of electricity and heat supply to the house or apartment. And then they consolidated their knowledge with the help of the Quiz of Energy Saving.

Individual competition was supposed in two stages. The winner in one of them, revealing the theme "Energy-efficient house", was a sixth grader Vladislav Maslov. With the help of the energy efficiency calculator, applying the Energy Saving Tips, he was able to achieve a monthly effect on paying utility bills at a house of 1 thousand rubles.

The winner of the stage "Crossword of Energy Saving" was the 11th grader Anastasia Kravchenko. She was the first to answer all the questions correctly, showing the maximum mastery of the knowledge obtained at other stages.

The pupils liked the unusual activity, the guys did not even want to leave the Energy Efficiency Centre, continuing to carefully examine each exhibit.

A teacher of school № 19 Oksana Bogdanova noted: "Much of what was voiced in the lesson, the guys did not know. Thanks to the quest, they had the opportunity to better remember the ways of energy saving and even practice them." According to the teacher, such events allow to expand the horizons of schoolchildren and provide an opportunity to educate a new generation of consumers who will take care of natural resources.

In conclusion, the children received memos, bookmarks, books "Energy Saving Tips" and wishes to remember all the advice they heard, tell friends, parents, grandfathers, grandmothers about them, and, most importantly, apply the knowledge gained every day in practice.

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