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Kurskenergo pays great attention to occupational safety of employees


IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division systematically works to reduce occupational injuries and improve the Occupational Safety and Health management system. In total, 38 million rubles are planned to be spent on these activities in 2018.

More than 26 million rubles were spent on purchasing personal protective equipment, tools and safety devices. Employees of the branch are fully provided with overalls and footwear, resistant to electric arc, sets of portable grounding for installation from the ground, individual voltage alarm devices.

6.5 million rubles are allocated for medical examinations and improvement of sanitary and working conditions for employees, about 3 million for pre-trip medical examinations of drivers and before shift checks of production personnel. In addition, funds were allocated to improve overall working conditions.

"Kurskenergo takes seriously the provision of safe working conditions for employees. Strict monitoring of compliance with labour protection rules contributes to improving the production discipline, increasing the responsibility of production personnel for the quality of work performed, as well as reducing the level of injuries among staff," stressed the head of the labour protection service of Kurskenergo Dmitry Gorbachev.

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