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Succession pool members of Kostromaenergo improve their professional level


26 chief engineers, deputy heads and specialists of Distribution Zones of IDGC of Centre - Kostromaenergo division within the framework of the succession pool development program undergo a corporate training course for the position "Chief of Distribution Zone".

The training is designed for three quarters and organized in a distance form. The succession pool members are studying important and problematic issues related to ensuring the reliability of electricity supply, organization of liquidation of emergencies, labour protection, technical policy, innovation and import substitution. They also receive new knowledge in the field of staff motivation, the basics of document management and other areas within the competence of the chief of the Distribution Zone. At the end of each quarter, the participants of the training are tested and participate in managerial trainings. At the end of the year, subject to the successful delivery of all tests, they will receive certificates of completion of the training course for the succession pool under the post "Chief of Distribution Zone".

It is worth noting that the training of the succession pool members for this position in the branch passes for the first time, within the framework of the implementation of the personnel and social policy of IDGC of Centre. One of its important areas is the identification of the potential of employees who are part of the management and youth staff reserve of the company to fill various managerial positions.

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