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Smolenskenergo over 5 months of 2018 cleared more than 600 hectares of ROWs


Following the results of five months of 2018, IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division carried out measures to clear ROWs on the territory of 616.02 ha. The work on clearing ROWs of overhead lines is a mandatory direction of the production program. This work is carried out annually in preparation for the autumn-winter period and with the aim of increasing the reliability of electric grids.

Totally in 2018, Smolensk power engineers plan to clear 1542.34 hectares of tree and shrub vegetation in exclusion zones of overhead lines of 6-110 kV. All measures to clear the ROWs and expand the ROWs of power lines are made in strict accordance with regulatory rules and legal requirements. The bulk of the clearing is, as a rule, in July, August and September, so most of the work is still ahead.

It is assumed that the results of winter operations due to unfavourable weather events will significantly reduce the likelihood of technological breakdown in the operation of power equipment due to the contact of branches with wires.

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