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In 2018 Kurskenergo to repair more than two thousand kilometres of power lines


IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division started the main activities of the repair program of 2018. Power engineers are beginning mass repair work after the end of the autumn-winter period, when it becomes possible to decommission equipment in need of repair without risk to consumers.

According to the plan, this year Kurskenergo will repair equipment at 45 substations (SS) of 35-110 kV, repair 421 transformer substations and over 2 thousand kilometres of overhead power lines (conductors). In order to reduce the risk of technological disturbances caused by falling trees on wires, 773 hectares of ROWs will be cleared from tree and shrub vegetation. In total, about 350 million rubles will be allocated for the implementation of the repair program of Kurskenergo in 2018.

Among the large and significant facilities of the branch, where in the current year equipment will be renovated are the substations "Pribor", "Central", "Schigry", "Konyshevka", "Vostochnaya".

The substations "Pribor" and "Central" feed the Central and North-West districts of the city of Kursk, where more than 250 thousand people live. The substations "Schigry", "Konyshevka", "Vostochnaya" provide power supply to the town of Schigry, the settlements of Konyshevka and Kastornoye, including more than 60 enterprises, including large ones.

Also, in 2018, Kurskenergo will repair the 35-110 kV power lines "Sudzha-Lgov" with a tap to the substation "Cheremoshki" and "Zheleznogorsk - Zavodskaya-2", which will ensure reliability of electricity supply to consumers in the northern districts of the Kursk region.

"The repair of equipment that we carry out as part of the repair program allows us to pass the winter maximum loads without interruptions in the electricity supply to consumers," stressed Alexander Muratov, Deputy Chief Engineer for production assets management and development of IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division.

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