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Smolenskenergo provided electricity to 95 new business and housing projects in the Smolensk region


According to the data of the grid connection department of IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division, the most active grid connection in the Smolensk region is in the field of individual housing construction and small and medium-sized businesses. So, for 4 months of 2018 Smolenskenergo provided electricity to 95 new small and medium-sized businesses in the Smolensk region. The maximum power of the grid connection was about 7 MW. Among them there are shops, warehouses, office space and more. For example, during the past period the power company connected to the grid electric equipment and lighting of a breeding farm in Pochinkovsky district of the Smolensk region - a large agricultural facility. The total capacity of the connected facilities of the agro-industrial complex for 4 months was 380 kW.

In addition, the branch’s specialists annually perform a large amount of work in the field of grid connection of housing construction projects. For the past period of 2018, the branch provided connection to the electric grid of seven multi-apartment houses in the city of Smolensk, as well as Gagarinsky, Safonovsky and Vyazemsky districts of the region. Most of the facilities are connected by categories of power supply reliability 1 or 3. The total power of the grid connection was 745 kW.

In March, the grid connection of a 15-story multi-apartment building in the centre of Smolensk with built-in non-residential premises and an underground parking lot with a capacity of 114.3 kW was completed. The building is located in the historical centre of the city in the territorial proximity of all socially important facilities: kindergartens, shopping centres, schools, a children’s hospital, the Clinical Emergency Hospital, the Memory Square of Heroes, and the Victory Square.

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